Today’s Gluten-Free Diet Fad Exhibits the Same Mindless Behavior as Other More Tragic Political Movements

This is one of the problems with America today – and just humanity in general. We end up doing things for reasons we don’t fully understand (despite having an infinite amount of information available at our fingertips to do research). We just do them because it’s apparently “cool” — because of peer pressure and really just to “fit in”.

The gluten-free diet fad is probably the most innocent example of this. But similar mindless behavior among adults has led to pretty tragic movements over the course of history (i.e. fascism).

Romney Calls For Minimum Wage Hike – Proves His Critics Absolutely Right

Well at least now we know for certain. Romney, had he been elected in 2012, would’ve been a total sellout to big gov’t anyway.

Pope Francis Ignores the Biblical Right of Private Property, Blesses Unchecked Abuse of Power by State

It’s sad to see Pope Francis making these statements. There is such a thing as individual property rights — and these God-given. That’s why there is a 7th commandment that says, “Thou shalt not steal”. 

Indicating that gov’ts should try to redistribute wealth more demonstrates that the Pope ultimately thinks that private property ownership can be superseded by the all-powerful and apparently all-benevolent state which can and should act on God’s behalf to forcibly create “more equal” distribution of wealth. 

He’s essentially calling for the violation of individual property rights on a mass scale — and with the blessing of the Catholic Church no less.

Ironically, forcing society at gun point to be more charitable is no act of charity at all. 

Let’s be clear: God has no respect for and receives no joy out of the act of alms-giving when faced with the barrel of a gun — regardless of which side you’re on.

Instead – God loves the “cheerful giver”. 2 Cor 9:7

Call It For What It Is: Political Persecution

Apparently the IRS audited donors to the Tea Party at a rate 10x above the average rate for private citizens. This is known as political persecution.

We are no longer in the land of the free.

“A democracy is…

“A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.”
– Thomas Jefferson

America’s Central Bank Has a Lousy Track Record

America's Central Bank Has a Lousy Track Record

Since the Great Recession which started in 2008, America has thrown itself into the hands of its Central Bank – the Federal Reserve – to take care of its economy and get it back into shape.

Who would have thought that giving massive financial power to banking elites would yield this result?

Freedom – THE Four Letter Word When It Comes to Public Education

This is why there should be zero public schools. Whoever is in charge of them will eventually push their own group’s agenda over against those of weaker groups. Might makes right, after all. In this case the secular-relativists who dominate public education today get to impose their views about the world and life on everyone else’s children.

What’s the alternative? How about maybe just letting parents decide on their own what kind of education they want for their kids. In other words, let no group impose their agenda on any other group. We have a million different options for food and restaurants offered by the private sector—and naturally so. This is the free-market at work. Let therefore the private sector free market work its magic and offer millions of options to parents with respect to education as well.

Of course that would mean the secular-relativist nobility which rules over education would have to relinquish their control over the serfs’…er..I mean…private citizens’ lives—a.k.a. give them freedom. This is the last thing they would ever do though.

To them, freedom is THE four-letter word.

Louis C.K. – Actor, Comedian, Pastoral Figure for the 21st Century?

Louis C.K… I am convinced this man is a genius. I think most comedians are. Comedy is in many ways all about truth. It’s about pointing out things that, to our surprise, are totally true—and we’ve never realized it before. Comedians have the vision and skillfulness to pinpoint these truths and declare them to the people – leading them places they’ve never been before.

I think Louis C.K. also has a very clear grasp of our culture today. I think he speaks for it and represents it – actually with a lot of gravitas. Maybe I’m off base but I just get the sense that he’s almost a kind of agnostic pastor to young adults of today. He speaks. And they listen. For example, just watch his opening monologue which he did on SNL the other day. You just get the sense that the audience is hanging on his every word. Are they like putty in his hands? Maybe not. But I got that sense too.

Two things Louis C.K. has mentioned recently. One is his recent tweeting about how terrible the Common Core public school curriculum is. He is so right about this by the way. And the liberal intelligentsia is in an uproar that a pop culture figure—with such sway among young adults—would so unceremoniously trash one of their sacred cows. They’re thinking: “Hey – Louis C.K. is supposed to be on our side! We both want to bring down what remains of Judeo-Christian values in society and instill trust in the collectivist state don’t we??” Anyway, silly Alexander Nazaryan for picking a war of words with Louis C.K. You are not going to win that one, buddy.

The other thing Louis C.K. mentioned recently was in his aforementioned opening monologue from SNL. In it, he said something really insightful about his belief in the non-existence of God—or more precisely – that he just doesn’t know if God exists. He bashes atheists who take the hard line: “There is no God.” He asks them, “Really? Did you check? There’s a vast universe out there! How could you possibly know that there’s no God!” It’s a pretty insightful and ultimately totally true observation. The fact of the matter is that, no, you may not believe that God exists. But you can’t prove a negative, either. So, really, you can’t say that you know there is no God. Ultimately, you’re just making the assumption that God doesn’t exist.

Anyway, this was a great theological insight by Louis C.K. and, like I said, when he speaks, this generation is listening. I do hope they take his words to heart in this instance.

If Gold Is So Out of Fashion, Why Is Ukraine Scrambling to Get Some?

Apparently the first thing Ukraine will do with the recent loan it received from the IMF is buy a billion dollars worth of gold.

But people might say if gold is such a barbarous relic and totally obsolete and unimportant, why does Ukraine feel it is needed “in order to stabilize the financial situation in the country”? (…in the words of National Bank Chairman, Stepan Kubiv.)

Here’s the truth. The answer is that actually gold DOES matter – it matters a lot. A currency, not backed by gold, after all, is a weak and vulnerable currency.

Ultimately, therefore, financial confidence and stability stems from the presence of large gold reserves. And the less gold you have, the more precarious your situation is.

The Problem with Gov’t? It Answers to No One.

When private citizens break the law, lie about it, and cover up their crimes, the government comes after them to bring them to justice. But that begs the question…what happens when the government itself is the one that fails to do its duties, lies about what happened and then covers up the evidence and the truth? Well, gov’t just circles the wagons and in the end no one is brought to justice.

This is the inherent problem with institutionalized gov’t. It’s all about holding private citizens accountable for its crimes. But can’t actually do so for itself. And, sadly, since gov’t is filled with liars and cheats, the result is an institutionalized double-standard of corruption. There are simply two sets of citizens in America: there is the private citizen who is judged by govt and then there is the gov’t bureaucrat who is judged by no one and is therefore effectively above the law.


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